Our Team

John LazaroJohn R. Lazaro, Jr
President, Co-Owner
Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, Purdue University 1993

Has worked with J.R. Lazaro… As long as I can remember after school and on weekends, full time since 1993

“I love the ability to interact with our clients and see their dream homes rise from the ground up. The smiles on their faces mean a lot.”

Paul LazaroPaul R. Lazaro
Vice President, Co-Owner
Associates in Architectural Technology, Bachelor of Science in Construction Technology, Purdue University 1996

Has worked with J.R. Lazaro… Following in my dad’s footsteps since I could walk, full time since 1996

“I love the diverseness…I can be on a backhoe or bobcat one day, the next day sitting at my desk figuring lumber takeoffs from blueprints and then the next day out at the jobsite doing a framing inspection.”



Sherry Lazaro SmithSherry Lazaro Smith
Office Manager

Has worked with J.R. Lazaro… Since 1971

“I love that for over 40 years I have been part of a great team who works together to create custom homes for customers that I really get to know during the building process. I enjoy seeing those customers around town and reminiscing with them about their building experience and finding out about changes in their families.”



Tony OltmanTony Oltman Master Carpenter

Has worked with J.R. Lazaro… Since 1990

“I enjoy working with my hands. At the end of my work, it is visible for all to see.”




Darryl KochDarryl Koch
Sales Manager
Bachelor of Science in Education, Indiana University 1969

Has worked with J.R. Lazaro…Since 1990

“A friend who sold homes for a national builder told me that she hated working on the weekends. The reason? That was the time when homeowners would come in to complain about the problems they were having with their new homes. That came as a surprise to me because I have never experienced that with Lazaro Builders. I’ve always liked my job because I appreciate the people I work with. Everyone, from management to suppliers and sub-contractors, are all on the same page. Be honest, provide value to the customer, build a quality product and then stand behind that product. How can you not like working with people like that?”

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